Christening parties;
Birthdays and anniversaries;
Children's holidays;
Graduation parties;
Anniversaries of wedding parties and other celebration.

    One wise ancient Baltic saying says that the quality of our lives depends on how we can celebrate. An unaffected joy attracts success, and the gratitude - the supernatural powers taking care of us. Celebration is a time aimed at communication, meeting with long time no seen people, or people who you meet every day; but what is more important, it is a time to forget all problems and to smile.
Do you want to have a colorful, heartwarming and full of joy event?  You do not know how to make it to be like this, do you? The team of Colorful Events will always help you. We will:
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      Realize your ideas;
      Offer the place for party;
      Order the food;
      Prepare and realize an original scenario of the event;
      Unite the group of desired performers and will take care of event's musical illustration and illumination;
      Order the transport and overnight accommodation;
      Prepare original invitation cards;
      Make videorecording and photo of your event;
      Take care of event's décor;
      Take care of other important attributes of the event.